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Elevator Conveyors. Elevator conveyors or vertical conveyors are used especially at vertical distances where products cannot be transported with belt conveyors. However, vertical conveyors are suitable for products to be transported as open products, called "bulk". They can move products up to 45 ° inclination above 20 ° to higher elevations.

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Magnetic Belt Conveyor A permanent or electromagnetic rail located beneath the conveying belt surface attracts the ferrous objects to the belt. This magnetic attraction acts as a clamping force against the belt causing the ferrous objects to move with the belt and able to overcome any angle of incline or decline.

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It is essential to connect shafts coaxial with the clutches (coaxial); in belt-pulley systems, the parallelism of the shafts is provided; in order to maintain long lasting of coupling elements, the engine and reducer shaft bearings, and for the vibration-free operation of the system.

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Conveyor Belt ConveyorMachine Details. Machine Details. Taşıma Bandı 1. Taşıma Bandı 2. Band Length. 8000 mm. 7000 mm. Band width. 1000 mm.

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STM Makina Conveyor Technologies Tubular Drag Conveyor - Z Elelvatör - Bant Konveyör - Helezon - Elevatör - Vibro Besleyici - Rulolu Konveyör ... Belt Conveyor. View. Z Elevator. View. Screw Conveyor. View. View. Vibro Feeder and Silos. View. View. Bucket Elevator. Roller Conveyor. Conveyor Technologies. S T M. Contact. [email protected] ...

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Tray washer machine has a conveyor belt with 2 trays at one time and adjustable speed according to tray grime. Before the trays are placed on the belt, pre-washing by spraying disinfected and detergent water and waiting for at least 10 minutes will increase the washing efficiency of the tray washing machine.


2020-6-29 · PARGET MAKİNA. Parget Makina is a full-line supplier, providing complete solutions and equipment for gypsum, plasterboard, cement, dry mortars, calcite and perlite. Over 15 years'' experience in engineering and manufacturing together with a young, dynamic and professional team make us an ideal solution partner for the companies, operating in ...

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Pi Makina, which was founded in 1972 with a view to reduce Turkey''s dependence on the foreign supply in the field of heavy equipment and construction machinery, became the first and only company to produce scores of domestic heavy equipment and construction machinery such as concrete batching plant, concrete paver, asphalt paver, trans mixer, grader, dozer, loader, backhoe loader and tower ...

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The modular belt is a highly customizable conveyor chain. This kind of construction allows for a large variety of standard widths and even the ability to make custom widths if necessary. Driven by plastic sprockets, plastic belts have many qualities that food plant operators and designers look for.


Belt Conveyors are the most simple conveying systems. Belt Conveyors can be used for every kind of bulk materials expect dustproof applications High conveying capacity and low maintenance fee made it the best solution Belt material can be different depending on the conveying materials. Rubber, Pvc or Polyurethane belts can be used


Kontek Muhendislik Makina Ve Konveyor Sistemleri San.Tic.Ltd.Sti. we produce conveyors systems belt conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, assembly lines, conveyor rollers, automation systems and material handling units, dynamic storage systems

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Hinge Steel Belt Chip Conveyor. More variable than other types of conveyors, the steel belt conveyor can be used to handle any type of metal scrap — from bushy bundle to chips and turnings, wet or dry — in any volume, and in a wide variety of conveyor …

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Vertical Conveyors are the Conveyor & Elevator systems to raise the unit loads serially. In this system, through automation, feeding conveyor and output conveyor run synchronized with the interim platforms and enable fast transfer of the products. Belt and Bucket Elevators. Chain and Bucket Elevators. English.

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Arabelts (Ararat Endustri Makina Tic. Ltd. Sti) As an general trading company, we specialize in conveyor belts trade. Arabelts is your gateway to procuring and sourcing supplies, equipment, industrial and manufacturing products from around the world. we have over 30 years experience in procurement and supply chain management in over 50 countries. our network is global and enables us to avail ...

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Conveyors Belt Conveyors PVC Belt Conveyors Polyurethane Belt Conveyors Rubber Belt Conveyors Chain Conveyors Standard Chain Conveyors Acetal Chain Conveyors Stainless Chain Conveyors Mesh Chain (Belt) Conveyors Modular Chain (Belt) Conveyors Palette Conveyors Standard Chain Conveyors Chip Conveyors Scrap Conveyors Apron Conveyors Bale Conveyors Roller Conveyors Idler Roller …


2021-7-2 · belt conveyors (14) bucket elevators (9) screw conveyors (6) seed technologies (79) air and dust control (7) seed cleaning systems (11) sortex / color sorting systems (12) spare part (21) storage systems (5) turn-key plant projects (12) weighing and packaging systems (11)

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Makina, müşterilerine ilk iletişimden teslimata, satıştan sonra hizmet ve desteğini sürdürmeyi amaçlamaktadır. Mevcut müşteri portföyümüzde kobilerden oluşan küçük boyutlu işletemelerden, ülkemizin önde gelen büyük firmalarına kadar oluşan bir skalamız bulunmkatadır.

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2021-8-11 · Belt conveyors mainly can be grouped in four; Standart Belt Conveyors: These are the conveyors with static construction designed and manufactured uniqely for each Project. Hydrauic Lift Mobile Belt Conveyors: With the wheels on and hydraulicf …

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Our modular belt conveyor is a state-of-the-art modular plastic chain conveyor system. It provides a solid travelling surface for the unit loads, which offers many advantages. Our corrosion resistant modular plastic modular belts allow for easy cleaning and low maintenance plus side-turning belt construction supports product transportation in minimal floor space, turns and spirals. Each

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HOMMAK K-FMC conveyor system filling machines can fill the products into the prepared bowls of various sizes and shapes with 0.1% accuracy and the options of 2, 3, or 4 operators. HOMMAK''s magnetic flow-meter volumetric filling machine was designed for filling liquid and semi-liquid products into the bowls on a belt conveyor.

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Beta Makina 1984 yılında endüstriyel makinalar ve ekipmanlarının üretimine başlamıştır. Daha önce yapılan işler ve iş yapılan firmalar hakkında bilgileri görebilirsiniz. Ürün gruplarını ve firma bilgilerini içeren kataloğumuzu inceleyerek bilgi sahibi olabilirsiniz. Yenilenen web …

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Belted conveyors are the core element of conveyor systems and material handling systems. They can carry the products up to 20 degree slope according to the selected belt. As standard they have the load capacity of 50 kilograms per meter but they can be designed such that they carry 100 kilograms per meter. Belted conveyors mainly used for ...


BELT CONVEYOR-12374. Product Code: Bantli Götürücü. Belt conveyor. Categories Agricultural Mechanization and Technology. Related Products. 2000lt with Membrane Pump Turbo Atomizer. LUSNA MAKİNE SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ ...

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2021-7-1 · Inspection Belt Conveyor. Selection band conveyors are generally used as collecting and feeding tables in production lines. Functions such as spooling, product selection, stacking of products, and stocking can be performed. They can be operated with infinite, left-right, indexing methods.


AS LL 28. CONVEYOR BELTS CUTTING MACHINE CM-3500. TRIMMING BELT. 2 PU 8 U0 / U0 15 KE. 2 C 12 GD/P 30 yeşil. 1 F 6 U0/V 10.

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Pi Makina is capable of manufacturing stationary, mobile, compact, dry type and precast type concrete batching plants with capacity from 30 m³ to 360 m³ per hour. 30-360 m3/h

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Crate Transfer Conveyor (Vertically) Crate Transfer Conveyor In the 1960s, company which is a troubleshooting workshop under the name of ''Technical Mechanic Limited Co.'', has been producing various equipment to the food processing since 1980.

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